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Incredible India’s incredible village ‘Malana’

A village known to be the oldest democracy in the world. A village where people do not follow the rules and laws of Indian Republic. This village  Malana is situated in the Parvati Valley of Kullu District in Himachal Pradesh.

We live in a democratic country. We have a constitution where all rules and regulations are written that governs our country and a government that have different organs who runs administration of our country. For example police is there for our safety. Judiciary is for giving people justice. Legislature is for making rules and regulations. These rules and regulations are based on a rational approach. Have you ever heard that legislature, executive and judiciary of a place is based on a belief system. Yes it is true. One of such place is ‘ MALANA VILLAGE ‘. Malana village is situated on Malana nala a side valley of parvati valley in kullu district of Himachal Pradesh.It is solitary village and have different culture from rest of world.

Here people have their own government and own constitution.They have a bicameral parliament .Like Loksabha and Rajysabha they also have upper house called JYESHTHANG and lower house called KANISHTHANG. They believe that their village deity JAMLU RISHI has made rules and regulations for them. They consider themselves oldest democracy in the world and believe that they have well organized parliamentary system guided by DEITY JAMLU RISHI.For any dispute they do not go to the police or court. All disputes are solved by village council through the ORACLE system.The village is totally governed by  BELIEF SYSTEM that is guided by their deity.

It is believed that sometimes energy of the deity is passed to a person  and through whom the deity is supposed to respond with prophecy or advice. The person is called GUR of deity. His advice is final and followed by people of the entire village. The people of MALANA considers themselves pure and superior and for them outsiders are untouchables. As economy of MALANA largely depends upon tourism so thousands of tourist visits MALANA annually. But there are notice boards on many places to alert people that no outsider can touch them and their houses and temple. It is not like that MALANIS are not welcoming people. If  tourists respects their rules they are welcomed with warm hearts. But if they do not follow rules and touch anything then they have to pay fine for it.

This village is famous for its beauty, culture uniqueness and also for special kind of weed known as MALANA CREAM. Thousands of tourist come here for malana cream any most of them are Israeli and Russian. You might be thinking that why drugs business is flourishing there? Malana cream is very costly. It is made from Marijuana that grows naturally in forests of parvati valley. Sometime Police destroy marijuana crop. But it found in such high places  so it is also difficult for police to go there .There are also guest houses and hotels for tourists. The videography is also banned here.

But recently on the advice of village deity JAMLU RISHI tourism is restricted to daytimes only. No outsiders are allowed to stay overnight. This is done to preserve their local culture and belief. They want to protect the village and its unique culture from  influence of outside world.

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  1. Malana is a beautiful village ,This is the vacation for many tourists in Malana, in season time april to sept. Many indian and foreigner tourists coming there. a tiny village amidst the lush green and shimmering snow-capped mountains of the Parvati valley .Malana is famous for Malana cream . It is a good trekking place also , i love this place

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