Sometimes we travelers look for travel options outside of the regular places.  As the most of these common tourist places are getting crowded, day by day, leading to the packed hotels and traffic jams. Therefore some people look for less crowded and peaceful places. Also, there are people who want to go to the unexplored places. Here are some best unexplored and offbeat tourist places you should consider to visit next time you make your travel plan.


If I have to list some unexplored must visit places in the Himalayas, Barot will always be on top of my list. Barot is located in Chauhar Valley of Mandi district. The place I lived in is connected or separated by one mountain ridge from Chauhar Valley. The Barot is just 40 km away from my home. So I would call it my native place. And I would suggest you visit this place not only because it is my home but it’s actually amazing. Less explored, that’s why the essence of nature is still here. I have visited Barot many times. Every time I go there I always feel something new something fresh.

Situated on both banks of Uhl river this small village is a treat to the eyes as well as to mind. Barot and adjoining Multhan of Kangra district make it complete package. The water channels and two giant reservoirs are the identity of Barot. The traditional villages in surrounding area and tall Deodar trees glorifies this place. You can enjoy camping on river side. Trekking, angling, river crossing are among other adventure activities. If you come to Barot do not forget to taste the trout fish.

Route: Reach Ghatasani on NH-154 either from mandi or Joginder Nagar. Then Take the link road to Barot. At Tikkan take left turn to Barot.

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Janjehli is the second place I am recommending from my home district. If I call it a nature’s paradise it won’t be any exaggeration. It is located in Thunag Tehsil of Mandi district at an elevation of 2170 metre and 90 kms from Mandi town. The lush green meadows surrounded by pine and deodar forests this place is heaven for nature lovers. To your surprise this place is untouched from tourists outside Himachal. Someone once told me that if this place is developed from tourist point of view, it has a great potential to be a top tourist place.

If you are visiting janjehli you should also do the Shikari Devi and Kamrunag treks in one go. Both these places are easily accessible from Janjehli and can be covered in a round trip.

Route: Janjehli is 90 kms from Mandi town. To reach Janjehli first reach Dadaur on NH-21 and then turn on Nerchowk-Chailchowk-Janhehli Road.


A place sitting calmly deep in the Banjar Valley, Jibhi is a must visit place for those looking for an offbeat place. Jibhi is 9 kms away from banjar on Kullu Rampur highway.  A small water stream, dense deodar forests, high mountain ranges around, guest houses and camps, Jibhi has all to make you comfortable in the nature away from hustle of other regular tourist places. Jibhi waterfall is very beautiful and well maintained spot. Jalori Pass, Serolsar Lake trek and Chaini Kothi trek are some recommendations for trekkers and adventure lovers. Tirthan is another nearby places near Jibhi.

Jibhi waterfall

Route: Reach Aut on NH-21 and turn on the link for Larji near Aut tunnel. At Larji take left turn for Banjar on Kullu-Anni-Rampur road. Reach Banjar and keep moving on same road. 9 kms ahead of Banjar is Jibhi.


On the other side of the Banjar valley there is the Great Himalayan National Park in the Sainj Valley. Shangarh is a wonderful place in the Great National Park area. The place is beautiful and so hardly explored that there are not more than couple of guest houses as commercial accommodations. But believe me if you want to sit and relax, staring at the mountains, feeling the cool breeze this is the place for you. The lush green Shangarh ground is the main attraction here. There are few trekking options too, ranging from day hike to multi day treks. For wildlife lovers inner park area is the best place to go. This park is the home of many rare species.

Route: Reach Aut on NH-21 and turn on the link for Larji near Aut tunnel. At Larji take left turn for Sainj. Then move ahead up to Ropa. At Ropa take right Turn on Shangarh road.

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I haven’t been to Chanshal yet. But what I have heard from one of my friend, I can say that this place surely has a charm which is slowly coming up on travellers’ maps. She has written a very beautiful article on about the places to travel in upper shimla. Chanshal Pass is a pass in Upper Shimla which connects Remote Dodra Kwar region with Rohru. The pass is at a height of 3750 metre on the top of Chanshal Peak. 

Chanshal has abundant of natural beauty with the magnificent views of snow covered Himalayan ranges and peaks. There is a lake named “Saru Taal” near chanshal . There is no vegetation at this top of peaks.  One can sit there and enjoy cool breeze and views of beautiful valleys from the top. It is a desirable spot for picnics.

Route: There are two routes to reach chanshal from Shimla.

  • Shimla-Theog-Kotkhai-Kharapathar-Hatkoti-Rohru-Larot-Valley (160 Km)
  • Shimla-Theog-Narkanda-Tikkar-Rohru-Larot-Valley (175 Km)

Baga Sarahan:

Again this place recommendation is on the basis of experience of a friend. Baga Sarahan is another unexplored place you should visit.  Sarahan is a beautiful village in lush green valley of Nirmand tehsil of Kullu district. This village is full of greenery and surrounded by Snow covered mountain peaks.  There is a big ground surrounded by Thick forests in Sarahan. There are few trekking options here, Shrikhand Mahadev Trek is one of them. For accommodations, there are options of Camps and home stays etc.

Route: To reach Baga Sarahan, you first need to reach Nirmand either from Kullu or from Shimla. There after follow the route Bagi Pul Jao and then Baga Sarahan.

Comment below if you know any such places around you or you have visited That should be in this list..

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