Experience a Night in an Igloo at Manali Igloo Stay

Winter is Coming! 

And what is the best thing about winter?

Yes, Snow.

And what if you get a chance to spend a night in a house built with snow.

In India? 

Yes, here in Manali..

In my school, I had read about lifestyle of Arctic region, where people use to live in houses made by snow. Those houses are called the Igloo. At that time, it was very fascinating to imagine how human can live in houses of snow.

In India, folks had never imagined if they would get a chance to stay in a Igloo. But Vikas Kumar and Tashi Dorje of Manali has made it possible for people to have a night spend in a Igloo and that too in India. The ideas has no boundaries. The duo conceptualise  and engineered the idea and built a Igloo last winter in Manali, which was first of kind in India.

These Igloos were built in Sethan village on the way to Hamta Pass. This Igloo stay was powered by Keylinga Adventures, a winter travel and adventure sports company based in Manali. After conceptualising the idea of Igloo houses Vikas and Tashi were looking for favorable conditions i.e. low temperature and heavy snow. In the January of 2017 they succeeded to built two Igloo houses.

The Igloo houses were built entirely with snow. The compressed snow bricks were used to construct these 8×9 feet Igloo structures. The bed and tables are also built with the snow. The visitors are provided warm feather sleeping bags with extra fleece will be provided with thick foam mattress and hot water bottles for sleeping.

These Igloos were built on a trial basis and opened for the tourists in January last week. It was a unique travel experience for travelers and the news spread like the fire in the forest in the travel community. This experiment also got an eye of the national media. At the end of the winter, the architects of these Igloos received a encouraging response.

We talked to Vikas Kumar about their plans to build Igloos this year. Vikas told HimalayanXp that they are gearing up to accommodate visitors in their Igloo houses this year too. They are waiting for a good amount of snowfall sufficient for the construction of Igloo house. In fact when it snowed in mid December this year they tried to build the Igloo house.

With a hand on experience last year, we can expect an early construction of the Igloo houses this year. But it all depends upon snowfall.

For the travelers Keylinga adventures had introduced three packages to these Igloo houses. The Day trip to Igloo Camp, One night stay and 2 nights/3 days package. The package starts from Rs. 5500 for one night including food, bonfire, and other adventure activities like skiing, tube slide and Igloo making.

So if you are looking to visit Manali this winter, add ‘A Night in the Igloo’ in your bucket list.

You can keep yourself updated about the Igloo stay on their website or ther facebook page.

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